Q.    Am I eligible to receive HCS services?

To receive HCS services, you must be Medicaid-eligible and have a diagnosis of intellectual and/or developmental disability.


Q.   What types of housing options are available?

When you are enrolled in the HCS program, you may choose where and with whom you’ll live. You might choose to live in an apartment with a roommate or in your family home. It’s up to you. HCS offers funding for several levels of supervision and support for you in your home.


You are responsible for paying your rent and living expenses, and Cartman & Hampton, Inc. employees are available to help you access financial resources such as Social Security Income and Disability and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Food Stamp benefits.


Q.   What other services are available?

HCS is designed to support and assist you and your family in meeting your needs. There are a wide variety of supports included in this program, including medical and dental, habilitative, and employment assistance services.

Q.  Can HCS help me become more involved in my community?

Yes. HCS allows you to live in your own home or your family home, meaning you can enjoy being part of your neighborhood.


During the day, you may choose to participate in a day habilitation program where you could meet new people, learn life skills, and take field trips in the Houston and surrounding areas. If your goal is to have a job, HCS provides funding for you to participate in employment assistance programs that will help you plan and develop a career.


Q.  How can I enroll in the program?

To learn more about HCS or to enroll in the program, you or your primary caregiver can call our office. We will coordinate your plan with the Local Intellectual and Developmental and Disability Authority.

Rights Protection


If you are unable to resolve complaints regarding services with Cartman & Hampton, Inc. Provider Program you may contact the following Health and Human Services Department:



Rights Protection Offices

If you feel you have been unfairly treated, have been denied needed services, have been denied accommodation by the MENTAL HEALTH MENTAL RETARDATION AUTHORITY OF HARRIS COUNTY (MHMRA), or if you are unable to resolve a complaint regarding services with your MHMRA staff person, or their supervisor, you may contact the following Rights Protection Offices:


Mental Health Mental Retardation Authority of Harris County

Rights Protection Officer, Robert Stakem, Jr.

PO Box 25381

Houston, TX 77265-5381



Office of Consumer Services and Rights Protection

Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services

PO Box 12668

Austin, TX 78711-2668



Disability Rights Texas

1500 McGowen, Suite 100

Houston, TX 77004


Voice or TDD 800-880-0821



All complaints are handled confidentially.


                            Office of Consumer Services and Rights Protection

                           Texas Department of Health and Human Services

                                   Rights and Services – Complaint Intake Unit

                                                                    Mail Code E249

                                                                      701 51st Street

                                                                   Austin, TX  78751



                  Any individual, family member, legally authorized representative, or

                 employee who suspects or has knowledge of abuse, neglect, or

                 exploitation of an individual served must make an immediate

                  report, but no later than 1 hour to the Texas Department of

                                       Family and Protective Services (TDFPS)



                                       The following toll free number is available 24 hours a day  including weekends and holidays